Enhanced Video Streaming Experiences Platform

MultiCasting.io is a next generation platform for enhanced real-time video experiences, both on and off location.
Our patent pending technology makes events more interactive, and provides a completely new level of functionality,
whether in person, or virtually streaming. Experience concerts, sports, special events and more, in a whole new way.

Realtime Multiangle HD Video

Multicasting.io platforms come ready for Full HD 1080p, across multiple video feeds, all sync'ed in real-time.

Cloud Enhanced Architecture

Our streaming platform can handle thousands of streams to the cloud, as well as on-prem servers, providing enhanced coverage for large crowds.

Advanced Editing Capabilities

Capture the action in real-time, while recording, editing, and saving video clips, providing immersive playback across a stadium experience.

An Evolving Streaming Network

Our platform enables a first of its kind, real-time evolving network grid, that grows, expands and contracts to match the density of the space.

Imagine a limitless streaming expansion for events of 100,000 people or more, automated by intelligent serverside technology.

High Performance Multi-point Immersed Event Capture

Capable of capturing next-gen video resolutions, from multiple points of interest, all while simultaneously streaming and recording.

Will work on high bandwidth 5G and low latency wifi connections, adjusting resolution to match bandwidth limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers.

Is this a monthly subscription or per game charge?

We support multiple business models that can enable your company to conduct business in the best way possible. The platform is agnostic, and can support as many methods, or business use cases as possible.

Are there blackout restrictions?

Our platform is built to enable content restrictions as required by venue / company rules. In venue controls, media controls, streaming protection, ticket based control models to make sure only the people granted access by you can view, share or download them.

How may streams can I use at once?

4 to 6 simultanious streams per person are supported from a usability perspective, while the technology can expand far beyond that number.

Is the content sharable?

Content is shareable only if you want it to be. We do not dictate how you manage the content.

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