The Next Generation of Streaming Technology is a next-generation platform for enhanced real-time video experiences. Our patent-pending technology makes events more interactive, and provides a completely new level of functionality, whether in person or virtually streaming.

Features & Functionality

These are a few highlights of the technology behind our platform.


Real-time Multiangle Video platforms support FullHD 1080p, & 4K UHD streaming video, across multiple video vantage points, synced in real-time rendering.


Cloud Enhanced Architecture

The platforms can handle tens of thousands of streams to the cloud, as well as on-prem servers, providing enhanced coverage for large crowds.


Advanced Editing Capabilities

Capture the action in real-time, while streaming, editing & saving video clips, providing an immersive playback experience.


Simple Integration

MultiCasting SDK's & API's are built to easily integrate with any service, whether a mobile experience for sports, event planning apps, & more.


Device Agnostic Framework

Capable of working across any device type, including mobile phones, tablets, desktops & even TV set-top boxes, providing next-gen experiences.


Secure Encryption

Video streams are protected with enhanced video service encryption, allowing owners of the venue or event to control rights to the content.


A Real-Time Evolving Streaming Network

Our platform enables a first of its kind, real-time evolving network grid, that grows, expands & contracts to match the density of the space it's implemented in.

High-Performance Multi-point Event Capture

Capable of capturing next-gen video resolutions, from multiple points of interest, all while simultaneously streaming & recording.

MultiCasting technology can operate on high bandwidth 5G & low latency wifi connections, adjusting the resolution to match bandwidth limitations.


Platform Specs

The MultiCasting platform can scale up or down, based on network strength & internet latency. This means that the stronger your network, the higher your streaming capabilities become.

Stream up to 6* video vantage points, in 4K UHD or 1080P FullHD resolutions, with 30 frames per second rates, and 400 millisecond rendering response time.



Resolution Capability



30 FPS

Supported Framerates




Simultaneous Streams


Implementation Scale




Response Time



On / Off

Cloud or On Prem Setup


 Use Cases

With Multicasting, you can enhance experiences for events of all sizes, from large scale professional sports to concerts, parades, weddings, birthday parties, & more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a monthly subscription service, or per game charge?

We support multiple business models that can enable a company to conduct business in the best way possible. The platform is agnostic and can support as many methods, or business use cases as possible.

Are there blackout restrictions?

The platform is built to enable content restrictions as required by venue/company policies. In-venue controls, media controls, streaming protection, as well as ticket-based control models make sure the audience can be granted access to view, share, or download video content.

How many streams can be viewed at once?

Up to 6 simultaneous streams per person are supported from a usability perspective, while the technology itself, can expand far beyond that number. The higher the bandwidth, the higher the stream count.

Is the content shareable?

Content is shareable only if the venue or company policy permits it. MultiCast does not dictate how its users manage the content or distribution rights.

Meet The Team

Built on multidisciplinary skillsets, our goal is to build the next generation of immersive streaming technology.


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