is excited to announce we have joined a new initiative together with Google Cloud to deliver our multi-cam video platform to the 5G mobile network edge, leveraging Anthos, and Google Cloud’s network.  5G will provide our platform with extremely low latency, high-speed, real-time video capture, and distribution capabilities.

User-generated content (UGC) is an ever-growing, important part of the consumer video viewing experience.  Platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, and TikTok are expanding the ability for consumers to be a part of the content creation process giving the consumer more options, personalization, and control.

“Delivering strong, digital experiences for concertgoers, fans, and consumers is more important than ever,” said Tanuj Raja, Global Head, Strategic Partnerships at Google Cloud. “To help our customers do so, we are excited to work with our partners like to deliver their platform for user-generated content to the edge on Google Cloud, with Anthos and 5G connectivity, and to help customers deliver new digital experiences for consumers.”

As UGC experiences continue to evolve, new and innovative methods of video creation and distribution, as well as more scalable and higher-speed platforms like, will allow the technology to flourish.’s platform is designed to enable UGC applications and services to reach that next level. To create experiences for the fluid fan and personalized content view that consumers are moving towards.

By utilizing Google Cloud to deliver’s platform on the edge, is able to provide the fastest possible connectivity to real-time multi-angle video streaming with the ability to scale to tens of thousands of simultaneous publishers and viewers.  By utilizing’s application SDK and platform event holders, sports leagues, venues, content, and media companies can integrate’s technology to create interactive experiences as part of their current or new applications. 

Delivering’s platform with Google Cloud on the edge enables to provide never before seen real-time, simultaneous, multi-angle video publication and viewing.  Applications for viewing sports, concerts, parades, family events, and law enforcement can expand their innovative features and high-performance effectively. and Google Cloud’s mobile edge computing environment with 5G can bring an ever-growing list of experiences for content providers and consumers to life:

  • Delivering enhanced capabilities to sports fans, enabling real-time viewing of events from multiple points of view via crowdsourced cameras, allowing fans to share their views and combine crowdsourced highlights and their favorite moments of the game together.  
  • Allowing family and friends who cannot physically attend a wedding or event to share in the special day by viewing a multi-perspective live stream from the attendees’ views.
  • Providing music fans with a more immersive concert experience from both inside and outside the event venue by putting them in places they could never imagine via 5G cameras placed in unique spots throughout the venue.  

To read more about this initiative from Google Cloud, visit their blog.