We're excited to announce that MultiCasting now supports Amazon AWS Wavelength, enhancing the speed of our real-time video feeds even further, utilizing 5G technology. MultiCastings mobile apps and new Angular SDK have built-in configurations for choosing between AWS and AWS Wavelength enabled locations, providing venues with even more region-based flexibility. AWS Wavelength has provided our platform with an even faster, more efficient, and robust path to capturing, as well as serving on our video platform.

MultiCasting Architecture Map showing the flow of traffic through the MultiCasting API Gateway.

Using AWS Wavelength, we're able to see a 40% increase in performance, dropping the latency significantly lower than outside of Wavelength feeds. In general, MultiCasting sees latency times of 450 to 550 milliseconds, compared to just 250 to 300 MS glass to glass, utilizing Wavelength, and this is just the start. This improvement not only allows us to provide lightning-fast feeds to venues, as well as viewers but also edges the world of real-time streaming, closer to "real-time" in reality.

Latency results showing a 40% reduction in server latency speeds while within venue AWS Wavelength zone.

"We're seeing an efficiency / speed increase of 40%, dropping standard 450 to 550 millisecond times to just 250 milliseconds while using AWS Wavelength, and we think we can reduce that time even further."

Nematolah Kashanian, Founder of MultiCasting.

Technology advancements of this magnitude, are not only beneficial to MultiCasting, but help in the expansion of new technological implementations in the space. We're looking forward to expanding new functionality that will make use of these faster point-to-point speeds.

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